How would you handle this project scenario?


Maximum sound pressure at the property line for a new downtown conference center and hotel cannot exceed 45dB per city codes. To meet that requirement, air-cooled rooftop ventilation units with traditional condenser fans must be located at least 111 feet from the property line. That location will require extensive duct work to deliver conditioned air to the meeting rooms below, and installed units will be operating close to a rooftop garden and pool where building owner wants to minimize equipment noise.



Because Greenheck’s new low sound condenser fans are now standard on Models RV and RVE, sound is reduced by 8dB. In this scenario, you can position the units just 50 feet from the property line instead of 111 feet away and still comply with local codes. Ventilation sound, near the pool and above the conference rooms, will be greatly reduced, and less duct work will be required to condition or heat the meeting rooms below.

Enjoy more flexibility in design when you specify Greenheck’s Model RV and Model RVE rooftop ventilators with low sound condenser fans — now included as standard.

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